ProtoShare is a web-based, collaborative tool that helps teams quickly build, discuss, and refine clickable website, and web application, prototypes. It helps teams to visualize requirements for interactive projects.

It reduces feature creep, misunderstandings, and rework. It actively involves team members, management, clients, and marketing in the discussion at an early stage of the interactive development process. With ProtoShare’s centralized repository of feedback, it helps eliminate the time and effort to collect, organize, and distribute feedback.

Developers around the world, Fortune 500 companies, and leading interactive agencies use ProtoShare’s collaborative prototyping to deliver a better interactive experience in less time. No software required.

Solving Real-World Problems
Improves project team communication and productivity
Instant global access, no IT department required
Enables earlier and timelier input to reduce feature creep, misunderstandings, and rework at a later stage, where changes are always more difficult, and costly
Opens up the process to clients or other stakeholders — like the marketing, design, or executive team
Requirements Visualization and Clarification
Creates the experience of a real website or web application in the prototype stage
Eliminates the time and effort to collect, organize, and distribute feedback
Shortens your project timelines and headaches, which increases margins and ROI
Works well with Agile Development Methods