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Billing customers and collecting payments is an essential function for any small business. But getting customers to pay on time and keeping track of payments is incredibly time-consuming. Small business owners start their business to pursue their passion and are frequently surprised by how much time they end up having to spend administering their business.

Many business owners try to manage their customers and their receivables by using tools such as Word, Excel and QuickBooks. However, these tools don’t actually save them time or help them manage their business. And no small business owner has the time to sit around and wait for checks in the mail.

There is a solution to managing customers better and getting paid faster while saving tons of time to devote to what owners like best: their business. The answer is PaySimple, an automated accounts-receivable management solution designed specifically for small businesses.

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Interview with Kevin Brown, PaySimple.com

About PaySimple.com

PaySimple enables businesses to accept payments any way their customers want to pay including by mail, phone, online, mobile, email invoice and recurring payments. A merchant account is bundled with the software that allows small businesses to accept both credit cards and ACH payments. Customer management is the core of the software providing small business owners with the ability to manage their business better.

PaySimple began six years ago when founder Eric Remer asked a group of small business managers, “How can I make your life easier?” The answer he received was unanimous – “Help us get paid.”
“When he researched the market, he quickly realized no solution existed that was designed for small businesses that provide services such as web professionals,” said Kevin Brown, Vice President of Customer Acquisition.

The PaySimple solution includes a virtual terminal for processing payments received through the mail and over the phone, email invoicing with a click-to-pay button for customers to make online payments, automated recurring billing schedules to automatically charge customers on a recurring basis, hosted payment forms to be able to collect payments on a website and even a mobile app to collect payments from a smartphone.

Everything from invoices to the online payment forms is customizable, making it easy for small businesses to provide clients with a professional, branded experience.
In addition to payment collection, the system also automates communications with customers including payment receipts and automatic follow-up on any overdue payments.
Customer management is at the core of the solution including secure storage of a customer’s credit card information so that business owners don’t have to re-ask for credit card data on repeat transactions.

“We made this incredibly simple and straightforward,” said Kristen Miller, Business Development Associate for PaySimple. She proved that with an online product demonstration.
It was easy to navigate through the various steps in invoicing and collecting payments.

PaySimple provides small-business owners with incredible insight – including a dashboard that shows business trends and makes it easy to see who has paid and who hasn’t.
“It’s a snapshot of everything,” Miller said. “Everything’s in one collective place.”

Smart reporting is also part of the system including custom fields and report subscriptions.

There are several advantages to utilizing a complete accounts-receivable automation solution. It enables customers to make payments in a way that’s convenient for them, which facilitates better customer relationships and helps to eliminate late payments. It also helps small business owners save valuable time. The system keeps track of everything and automates tasks like recurring billing and late-payment follow-ups.

PaySimple is the ideal program for web professionals to get paid faster and manage their business better. Since it’s a cloud-based solution it can be accessed from any computer or mobile phone.
PaySimple’s support team works closely with its clients, holding live meetings to walk them through the system and responding quickly whenever someone has a question or issue. “We answer the phone in two rings or less,” Brown said. He added, “95 percent of the time we resolve an issue in less than 24 hours.”
Feedback from clients is positive.

They’ve said that PaySimple saves time, provides great customer support and, most importantly, helps business owners get paid faster. “With PaySimple, web professionals have more time to focus on their business – and their clients – rather than on how to get paid,” Brown said.

PaySimple is a convenient, easy-to-use solution to collect payments, automate billing and manage your business better. It’s a program ideally suited to web professionals and their need to track the myriad details related to their business transactions.

Sign Up for a FREE Webinar: Turn Your Business into a Revenue Generating Machine

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

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