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KeywordDiscovery Launches Professional Level Plan with a Robust Set of Keyword Research Tools, Features, and Competitive Analysis

KeywordDiscovery, the leading keyword research platform from Trellian, has added a professional level plan aimed at giving serious search marketers a wealth of features, tools, and reporting.

San Jose, CA August 10, 2009 – KeywordDiscovery has released a professional level plan, which adds powerful features, tools and reports to its already industry-leading keyword research tool. “The new plan is perfect for search marketers (both SEO and SEM), and provides a single platform for performing extensive keyword research and competitive analysis,” said Nancy Bianchi, Vice President of Sales for Trellian.

Trellian Adds Powerful Features to an Already Industry-Leading Keyword Research Tool
KeywordDiscovery’s professional plan includes the ability to set up unlimited projects, an increase from twenty in the standard plan. Having unlimited projects is essential for large-scale search engagements, since SEO and SEM professionals often need to build dozens of categories of keywords for each client or project. As part of the professional plan, search marketers also receive a Competitive Intelligence (CI) subscription to monitor a competitor’s referring traffic sources, natural search queries, paid search terms, ranked terms, and subdomains. Trellian’s Competitive Intelligence (CI) tool is a powerful way to glean insights about the competition and is tightly integrated with KeywordDiscovery.

Powerful Tools for Professional Search Marketers
Professional level subscribers gain access to an expanded version of the Domain Researcher Tool, which is a powerful way to find which domains are registered, available, or for sale, based on keyword research. Search marketers also gain access to a stand alone version of the Keyword Cross Reference Tool, an invaluable competitive research tool. The cross reference tool enables marketers to enter a URL along with target keywords, and view a breakdown of those keywords on a competitor’s webpage. The analysis is broken down by keyword density, total matches on the page, and where the keyword shows up (title tag, meta description, keywords tag, body, links, headings, alt text, etc.) Search Marketers also gain access to a stand alone version of the Keyword Permutations Tool, which enables them to enter a list of comma separated keywords and view all combinations of those keywords that show up in KeywordDiscovery’s massive database of searches. It saves time and provides easy access to search volume, trending, and search engine market share.

Other professional level features and tools includes Keyword Density Checker, access to the Keyword Management Tool to filter and manage keywords, and access to Yahoo PPC Bid values for checking current pricing for keywords in Paid Search.

Keyword List Intelligence Across Major Categories and Engines
Professional level subscribers now gain access to KeywordDiscovery’s Top Keyword Lists, which can be run for each of its 22 databases of searches. This enables marketers to view the top 1000 keywords for a specific time period, along with the ability to export the data. The databases include Global Premium, Google, Yahoo, country-specific databases like US, UK, and Canada, and niche databases like eBay, News, and Shopping. Analyzing the top keyword lists enable search marketers to discover new opportunities that their competition might be missing.

KeywordDiscovery’s Professional level plan gives search marketers the tools, features, and competitive intelligence they need to tackle multifaceted SEO and SEM projects. The new plan strengthens KeywordDiscovery, which is already the industry-leading keyword research tool. It is a must-have for serious search marketers.

For more information please contact:
USA: 310 483 7170
E-mail: sales@Trellian.com
Or visit our website: http://www.KeywordDiscovery.com

About Trellian and KeywordDiscovery.com
Trellian is one of the most experienced internet companies in the world and is an innovator and leader in both software and internet solutions. KeywordDiscovery is Trellian’s flagship product and is the industry-leading keyword research platform. KeywordDiscovery provides a wealth of features, tools, and competitive data for professional search marketers.

Trellian is a privately held company with offices worldwide. www.trellian.com


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