HostMySite|Hosting.com, the global leader in hosting and colocation services, today announced the merger of HostMySite’s Elastic Enterprise Computing and Hosting.com’s CloudNine cloud hosting solutions. Two new products are immediately available – Cloud Enterprise and Cloud Private offer shared and dedicated cloud hosting, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service environments. Cloud Enterprise provides enhancements such as on-demand provisioning, no required contracts, interconnectivity to private cloud environments, and rapid deployment of compute and disk resources.

Prior to HostMySite’s acquisition of Hosting.com on May 19, 2009, both companies operated independent, VMware-based cloud hosting solutions. The integration was seamless due to the similar infrastructures, platforms, dedication to support, and user functionality and control. Users can access an online pricing configurator for Cloud Enterprise solutions that start as low as $125.

This is Hosting.com’s first product announcement since the acquisition of Hosting.com. Art Zeile, HostMySite CEO commented, “We will continue to integrate HostMySite and Hosting.com solutions at a fast pace to bring relevant and client-centric solutions to the cloud and virtual marketplaces. The new solutions [Cloud Enterprise and Cloud Private] will provide consumers with unprecedented choice and control.”
Cloud Enterprise – Value Delivered, Instantly

Cloud Enterprise provides on-demand cloud hosting via a secure web portal so businesses can rapidly deploy virtual servers and modify resources as needed. The solution is comparable to a virtual private server with the added benefits of high availability and elasticity. Cloud Enterprise requires no contracts and clients can purchase, provision and add CPU, RAM, and DISK online in as little as one minute.

Robert Cassidy, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, commented, “Working with VMware, the global leader in virtualization solutions, provides our clients high availability and advanced automation and management features.” Cassidy continued, “Cloud Enterprise will prove most valuable to companies that need to align specific business needs such as website, storage, and application hosting with flexible IT infrastructure resources and want self-service provisioning.”

Robust vLAN configurations allow Hosting.com|HostMySite subscribers to connect their internal IT infrastructures with a shared (Cloud Enterprise) or dedicated (Cloud Private) hosting environment, or connect Cloud Enterprise and Cloud Private for rapid scalability, increased bandwidth or storage needs, additional solution redundancy, and to provision additional resources instantly.
Cloud Private – Dedicated, Clustered Environments

Cloud Private provides virtual, clustered environments at a fraction of the cost (up to 40% cost savings) of traditional, dedicated server solutions. Cloud Private provides enhanced levels of security, fault tolerance and scalability in a single-tenant environment.

Many companies will utilize Cloud Private and Cloud Enterprise to extend their internal cloud environments externally to geographically-dispersed cloud infrastructures in SAS 70 Type II certified HostMySite|Hosting.com datacenters. Cloud Private allows companies to utilize external cloud technologies and maintain the highest levels of security, manageability and service as their internal IT environments.

Hosting.com|HostMySite and VMware vSphere 4 – A Robust Platform HostMySite|Hosting.com continues to work closely with VMware to bring enterprise-level cloud hosting services to companies of all sizes. The company is currently participating in the VMware vCloud Initiative, testing the recently released VMware vSphere 4, and working in conjunction with VMware to provide a Cloud Hosting Trial Offer for virtual appliances and general hosting needs. Enterprise and SMB companies can leverage VMware High Availability (HA) and VMware Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) for fault tolerance and elasticity through Cloud Enterprise and Cloud Private.

“Service provider solutions such as those offered by HostMySite|Hosting.com provide cost-effective, cloud-based virtualization infrastructure that meets the specific needs of our enterprise customers through a simplified, easily accessible service model,” commented Dan Chu, vice president, emerging products and solutions, VMware. He continued, “We look forward to continued collaboration with HostMySite|Hosting.com to continue providing innovative, cloud-based virtualization solutions to the market.”

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